Flight Computer Electronic E6B

Flight Computer Electronic E6B
Item# 60270

Product Description

Electronic E6Bs are invaluable during flight training, and are approved for use on FAA exams. But these powerful Flight Computers are great for more than just student pilots. Their pilot-friendly design makes quick work of any navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problem and it also performs conventional arithmetic calculations. Whether it’s pre-flight or in the cockpit, our compact E6Bs are a helpful companion for any pilot.

New functions! Both Electronic E6Bs now include three new features, so they’re even more useful than ever. All three are great in the cockpit, whether you’re a student pilot or an ATP.

• Required Rate of Descent function is an invaluable VNAV tool. Enter current altitude and groundspeed, plus crossing altitude and your distance to the crossing fix and the E6B tells you your required rate of descent (in ft/min). You’ll make that crossing restriction every time!

• Top of Descent function tells you how far out (in miles) to start your descent. Tell the E6B your groundspeed and current altitude, plus desired altitude and descent rate and you’ll know just when to start a smooth descent.

• Specific Range function allows you to quickly find the most fuel-efficient cruising altitude. You can easily compare between two or three altitudes to determine whether the lower fuel burn at a higher altitude is worth the higher headwind. Great for conserving fuel or extending range.