Item# 60617

Product Description

* New Low Cost, High Quality * New FLEX-BOOM guarantees exact microphone position every time * State-Of-The-Art Construction * Numerous Adjustments for Optimum Comfort * Light Weight, Only 11.9 oz. * Advanced RF Immune, M-56 Electret Microphone * New Three Year Warranty * Extra soft foam Ear seals * Gel or Extra Thick Foam Ear seals (optional)

     SoftComm® introduces a new gloss white Model C-35 "White Knight™" headset. Weighing only 11.9 ounces, this outstanding headset has a multitude of features for everyone, yet sells at a very modest price.  This is a brand new model - not an old design that has been overhauled.      With numerous adjustment points this new Model C-35 is easily fitted for individual comfort.  For example, the black metal headband with a 6 pillow, foam head pad automatically adjusts to fit the head contours eliminating any top-of-the-head "hot spots."  Likewise, the Super Soft, noise-attenuating foam ear seals surround the ears with extraordinary silence and comfort. With the unique style ear cup stirrups, the headset quickly adjusts to the correct position after being worn for only a few minutes.  (Optional Gel or Extra Thick ear seals are available for additional comfort and attenuation.)  Another special feature is the rotation capability of the ear cup which allows the headset to be folded into a "ball" for compact storage in a flight bag.      The new "gooseneck" styled FLEX-BOOM guarantees the exact positioning of the microphone every time and it stays in place!  The advance technology of the moisture proof microphone (with an RF immune M-56 amplifier) provides the ultimate in cockpit noise canceling and audio clarity.      The low profile, dual volume controls contain a built-in stereo/mono switch as a standard feature. Extra long (66 inch) heavy duty communication cables can withstand strains up to 95 pounds and retain their flexibility in cockpit environments from -40° to +120°F.  Special gold plated cable plugs are designed to eliminate connector static.      With SoftComm's pride in workmanship and all these features, plus a three year warranty backed by our factory Customer Service, this makes the "WHITE KNIGHT" headset one of the finest bargains.