Transceiver SP-200 NAV/COM

Transceiver SP-200 NAV/COM
Item# 60272

Product Description

This hand-held NAV/COM has unique features and pilot-friendly design. It is still the only hand-held radio to put communication, VOR navigation and localizer display in the palm of your hand. Now includes a handy “Last Frequency” button and 8.33 KHz frequency spacing (already in effect in Europe). Includes five year warranty, flexible antenna, removable wrist strap, alkaline battery case and instruction manual.

Our SP-200 makes a terrific backup radio. Here’s why:

VOR and Localizer with CDI display—You won’t find this patented feature on any other hand-held, but it can be a real lifesaver. In the event of a total electrical failure, the SP-200’s localizer function can get you on the ground in the worst weather.

Extremely durable construction—The SP-200 isn’t the smallest or slimmest hand-held radio, but that’s because it is built to last. The tough case will survive being tossed around inside a flight bag, and even dropped on the ramp. We are so confident that we back it with a 5 year warranty. Dependable alkaline battery case—For use as a backup, alkaline batteries are unbeatable for reliability. Unlike rechargeable batteries that are often discharged when you need to use the radio, you can reach for the SP-200 with confidence.

Easiest to use—An emergency is no time to reach for an instruction manual, and the SP-200 doesn’t require one. It was designed for easy, one-handed operation, so you can use every feature while you fly with the other hand. The size and weight of the radio feels solid in your hand, and the backlit display and keypad is easily viewed in dark conditions.

Long battery life—With eight alkaline batteries, the SP-200 will provide hours of service when you need it. The Aviation Consumer found that it had “a decided edge in transmit time endurance” over other radios. Plus, you can quick-change to a spare battery pack in just 3 seconds. “An Excellent Value”— That’s what The Aviation Consumer had to say in its latest hand-held review. That’s because all of these features are available for under $300. Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, it’s still the best hand-held transceiver available.